Geoff Phillips' Webpage

Work at Baumer Hübner (Berlin, Germany)

From 2013 onwards I've worked for Baumer Hübner, a company that makes sensors for industrial and rail applications. I was the architect for a new embedded software platform that has been used in five products (as of 2019), including the SIL2 certified 'BPIK' rail encoder. The BPIK sensor is deployed on the Stadler EC250 high-speed train that runs through the Gotthard Base Tunnel from Switzerland to Italy. In 2016 I sucessfully completed the TÜV Rheinland Functional Safety Engineer training on IEC 61508 for HW & SW (certificate number 12395/16).

Philipp and I at a test run

Work at Robert Bosch (Melbourne, Australia)

From 2008-2011 I worked for the Chassis Control Systems division of Robert Bosch (Australia). I wrote software for ABS and ESP (a.k.a. dynamic stability control) systems for several car projects:

The Bosch ESP9 ECU

Video explaining ESP

Ford Ranger DSC Test

Work at PG Drives Technology (Christchurch, England)

From 2003-2007 I worked for PG Drives Technology (now Curtiss-Wright). I wrote software for the R-Net electric wheelchair control system:

Several R-Net modules

The Permobil F5 VS wheelchair featuring an R-Net control system, that allows the user to move to a standing position

Stephan Hawking using a wheelchair with an R-Net control system

The R-Net Bluetooth Module controlling an Android Phone

Active Surplus Stepper Motor Control (Toronto, Canada)

Whilst working for Active Surplus in 2003, I wrote an open source program called StepperSoft to control their stepper motor control kits:

Imperial College Final Year University Project (London, England)

In 2002 my final year university project at Imperial College was to design and build a USB 2.0 oscilloscope, which I completed in cooperation with IFR Systems (formally Marconi Instruments, now VIAVI Solutions).